27 - Portrait, Boudoir, Nude & Bodyparts:

The author explain based on 25 setups the toughts why he did what and the lighting for each individual shoot. This short-reference should give the readers a fast introducion to portraits, boudoir-, nude- and detail-shots of bodies.

Level: Beginner and advanced

Available: December 2015

ISBN: 978-3-7392-3079-5

17x17cm - Softcover or eBook

Kamera Kaufberatung:

Are you going to buy a new camera? Then you have to read that book... I explain you what is important, which functions you really need and what is only a marketing-gag... Forther you will learn what how to replicate some functions manually - not everything worth to pay a higher price or select an advanced body.
ISBN: 978-3-7392-3108-2

Level: Beginner

Available: February 2016
17x17cm - Softcover or eBook

9 - Posen für Boudoir- & Aktfotografie:

Much more important then lighting or set-building is the posing. With that book I teach you how to make your model look the best possible and save time in retouching as well. With 9 examples I show you in all details how posing works and to what you have to pay attention.

Level: Beginner and advanced

Available: December 2016

17x17cm - Softcover or eBook